National Load Despatch Center
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National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) has been constituted as per Ministry of Power (MOP) notification, New Delhi dated 2nd March 2005 and is the apex body to ensure integrated operation of the national power system.

The main functions assigned to NLDC are:
  • Supervision over the Regional Load Despatch Centres.
  • Scheduling and dispatch of electricity over the inter-regional links in accordance with grid standards specified by the authority and grid code specified by Central Commission in coordination with Regional Load Despatch Centres.
  • Coordination with Regional Load Despatch Centres for achieving maximum economy and efficiency in the operation of National Grid.
  • Monitoring of operations and grid security of the National Grid.
  • Supervision and control over the inter-regional links as may be required for ensuring stability of the power system under its control.
  • Coordination with Regional Power Committees for regional outage schedule in the national perspective to ensure optimal utilization of power resources.
  • Coordination with Regional Load Despatch Centres for the energy accounting of inter-regional exchange of power.
  • Coordination for restoration of synchronous operation of national grid with Regional Load Despatch Centres.
  • Coordination for trans-national exchange of power.
  • Providing Operational feedback for national grid planning to the Authority and Central Transmission Utility.
  • Levy and collection of such fee and charges from the generating companies or licensees involved in the power system, as may be specified by the Central Commission.
  • Dissemination of information relating to operations of transmission system in accordance with directions or regulations issued by Central Government from time to time.

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